Don’t Get Held Up By Aspect Ratio

Why should your photography limit your responsive design choices?
Get the best of both worlds!

Download WP SmartCrop

WP SmartCrop Makes Images Work Cleanly with Responsive Designs

WP SmartCrop is a free WordPress plugin that fixes one of the biggest drawbacks of the Media Library: cropping.  However, it goes far beyond optimizing your cropped thumbnails, to make static cropping a thing of the past.

WP SmartCrop fundamentally changes how images work on your site.  Once installed, you can start using styles like 'width', 'height', 'max-width' and 'max-height', without having to worry about stretching your pictures or cropping out the main focus of the image.  All images will automatically crop, on the fly, to meet your design's needs.

Who Does WP SmartCrop Help?



Use the right photos in the right places, at all screen sizes.



Upload the photos you want, without having to work with a designer.



Incorporate truly responsive images into your next theme.